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 Organic Cabbage (Green) (per lb.)

Organic Cabbage (Green) (per lb.)

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Cabbage contains glucosinolates, which may help to prevent cancer.

Healthy Cabbage Recipes:

Nutrition Information for Cabbage:

The following nutrition information is for one serving of cabbage. That would be about one cup shredded cabbage, or 70 grams. This general information is for any variety of raw cabbage.

Nappa, Savoy, Red Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower, Kohlrabi, collards and Kale are all varieties of one remarkable plant species. Anatomically, the cabbage is a large, main terminal bud. Brussels sprouts are small, numerous, lateral buds along the main stem of the plant. Sturdy, abundant and inexpensive, cabbage is a longstanding dietary staple throughout the world and is so widely cultivated and stores so well that it is available throughout the year. Cabbage purifies the blood, acting as a vermifuge, and was used by the Romans as a hangover cure. Cabbage is an excellent source of numerous anti-carcinogenic phyto-nutrients. The outer, greener leaves contain more chlorophyll, vitamin E, and calcium than the inner, pale leaves. Cabbage also is higher in vitamin C than oranges and is a superior source of vitamin U, an ulcer remedy. Cabbage is also a good source for many minerals. Phenol compounds give red cabbage its characteristic color as well as additional antioxidant properties.

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