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Aloe Legend 7.2 oz
Quantum Aloe Powder (Net wt. 7.2 oz.) “Beyond Organic”, South American Aloe Vera (innerleaf), Pomegranate Concentrate, bio-energetically sequenced for maximum electron spin

Aloe Legend 7.2 oz

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Detailed Description........... It is the only aloe product with a body of light and full spectrum polysaccharides (PS) naturally preserved with organic herbal particles. Aloe is a powerful healer and the perfect cellular transport of coral minerals. (7.2 oz) 64 svgs/bottle; • Full Spectrum "Beyond Organic" Aloe Vera (200:1 Concentrate) • Extraordinary healing support for the Gastrointestinal Tract, Digestion, Stomach, Joints, Connective Tissue, Skin, Burns, Kidneys, Bladder and Immune System • Features Aloe baradensis: the aloe species with the most effective immune-boosting compounds • Highly active, full-spectrum polysaccharides (most aloe products contain few or no active polysaccharides) • Air-dried (not freeze-dried or solvent extracted) Quantum Aloe Aloe Vera is the most ancient and treasured of all healing plants. It is recognized around the world for its numerous healing properties. 2,000 years ago, the Greek scientists regarded Aloe Vera as the "Universal Panacea". The Egyptians called Aloe "The Plant of Immortality". And the American Indians called Aloe "The Wand of Heaven". Aloe vera has been successfully used to maintain a healthy digestive tract as well as for other health problems, such as ulcers, gastritis, constipation, skin problems, irritable bowel. and much more. Unlocking Aloe's Secrets For many centuries, Aloe vera has been used by kings to paupers as a spectacular healing herb. Even the Bible mentions the use of aloe. But to receive aloe's healing benefits, once the thick leaves are cut to scoop out the mucilagenous gel, it has to be used within a short time (a few hours). Otherwise, a destructive enzyme in the aloe deactivates the healing properties. To avoid this degradation, a special processing method must be used. The Best Aloe Method Two key healing factors in aloe are its active enzymes and its full spectrum of polysaccharides (PS). PS are special complex molecules with many spectacular healing benefits which have made aloe world famous. The best method to preserve the aloe's raw enzymes and its three types of polysaccharides is moderate-temperature air-drying (165° F for 3 1/2 minutes). It is well known that this method preserves the aloe's delicate glycoside bonds, whereas high heat or freeze drying fractures and degrades the bonding. This state-of-the-art method requires approximately 200 pounds of fresh aloe gel to yield one pound of Aloe vera powder concentrate (200:1 concentrate). This is the best known method to keep the full spectrum of aloe's active healing factors fully intact. Different Lengths: Different Functions Dr. Ivan Danhoff, M.D., Ph.D., a scientific researcher, has extensively studied aloe polysaccharides (PS). He found that Aloe vera contains different lengths of these long chain PS, like different lengths of a chain. Some chains have only 60 "links," while other chains have thousands of links. Dr. Danhoff described the function of PS based on the size of their chains. He found that the smaller chains of PS reduce inflammation and balance insulin production in the pancreas. The medium chains of the PS are antipathogenic (they protect against harmful viruses, bacteria, yeast/fungus and amoeba). The larger chains of PS have an immune modulating effect, encour­aging better functioning of T-cells and macrophages, thus boosting the immune system. He also speculated that the larger chains may help the body to produce a tumor necrosis factor, which helps the body to break down tumors. Beams of Light According to another researcher, David Hudson, certain elements in the periodic table can actually generate photons of light. Some of these elements existed in high concentration in certain plants. They found that Aloe vera was one of those plants. They surmised that pure high quality aloe, with a full spectrum of PS, could be taken into the body so that this transmission of light from the aloe could be transferred to the body, and thus, could allow illness to be healed. Commercial aloe products may claim to be 99% pure, freeze dried or cold-processed, but most contain little or none of the crucial PS. Research has shown that only aloe with active PS has a synergistic effect with many other nutrients, making it a perfect partner in a health building program. Overcoming Parasites One chiropractor had been ill for over 3 years after contracting amoebic and bacterial dysentary on an overseas trip. Neither medical drugs nor many alternative treatments gave him any significant relief. His fatigue, recurrent nausea, cramping, and bloody stools continued until his immune system deteriorated even more. He developed athritis, systemic Candida, and lumps appeared in his neck which ultrasound showed were tumors. He felt that he was close to dying. Then, after being introduced to the special Aloe vera and taking it for only 3 days in high amounts, he felt so much better he could begin walking a few miles again. After 5 months, still taking high amounts every day, he felt that he had regained his health. Dramatic Reports * After taking fully active aloe, one woman with severe tooth pain after dental work was pain-free in 4 hours. * One woman with AIDS found that her chronic fungal infection disappeared and systemic Candida markedly decreased. * Another woman with ulcerative colitis found that 90% of her symptoms vanished. * One lady with Lyme's disease found that her energy levels dramatically increased and her allergies were reduced. * An older man with pancreatic cancer began to gain weight and reported increased energy after only 2 weeks. * Many people with chronic fatigue have reported dramatic improvement. Warning: How They Cheat Many aloe products on the market claim to have active polysaccha­rides, but when tested have no activity at all. To receive organic certification, one test performed is the malic acid content of the aloe. Several unethical companies simply add malic acid to to their product so it will pass the test (which does not distinguish between aloe source malic acid and and malic acid from other cheaper sources). Another key test is the aloe's polysaccharide content. When the aloe's PS is degraded, no PS will register on the test. To bypass this, some companies cheat by adding maltodextrin (a cheap sugar) which will register as a high level of PS on the test, but really contains no PS from aloe at all. Ingredients Contains World-class, living, ionically charged organic South American Aloe vera powder, organic pomegranate powder, ECOPs (Electromagnetically charged organic herbal particles). Recommended Use Adults or children (age 1 and up): Mix 3/4 teaspoon in 1/4 cup of water or juice, 1 to 3 times daily. For best results, mix Quantum Aloe with 1/4 to 1 teaspoon of Coral Calcium daily. Drink immediately. 100% organic aloe and pomegranate, energy-accelerated to maximum electron spin for ideal absorption. Naturally preserved with ECOPs, high-spin organic herbal particles. Promotes ideal cellular transport when mixed with coral minerals.

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