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Medi-Chlorella FX  (Premier Research Labs)

Medi-Chlorella FX (Premier Research Labs)

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This freshwater algae has a higher chlorophyll content than any other plant, including alfalfa, which cleans and detoxifies cells in the body. A clean and healthy cell can better utilize other nutrients. Chlorella is useful in a wide variety of maladies and conditions. It helps to pull toxic mercury out of the organs.  It is much more difficult to harvest and process than other algae, which drives up the price. Chlorella is available in powder or tablets.

Chlorella contains the highest percentage of chlorophyll of any known plant on earth and is one of nature's most powerful cleansing agents.  60% of Chlorella is high quality protein that is easy to assimilate.  It supports the body's tissues, metabolism and immune system with nucleic acids and key RNA and DNA factors that help protect every cell while raise energy levels.  Quantum Chorella is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and many other naturally occurring nutrients, including the powerful antioxidant lipoic acid.  It is also an excellent source of iron, with more B12 than liver.  Quantum Nutrition Labs uses only grade A Chlorella from Japan and uses a "broken cell wall process" for superior nutrient uptake (without this process, nutrients are difficult to absorb).  This grade A product is grown in sunlight in pure ocean water, unlike other greens products that are grown in big vats in darkness with city water.  Quantum Chorella is 100% pure chlorella powder in pure, nontoxic vegetable capsules, not tablets with toxic glues and binders hardened with extreme heat.  Quantum Nutrition Labs guarantees no toxins or heavy metals.*   Additional Chlorella Information

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