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The 3 Day Clease for Weight Loss and Detox(ORGANIC)

The 3 Day Clease for Weight Loss and Detox(ORGANIC)

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You will receive 12 bottles of16 oz , fresh organic apples juice


you will receive 12 bottles of 16oz Kangen water .
The 3-day Cleanse/liver and gallbladder flush h Drink 16oz. of Prune Juice - first thing in the morning to start the cleansing process as it draws toxins into the bowels to be eliminated. Drink 8oz. of fresh juice- Apple. Drink after one half hour of the prune juice and drink throughout the day equally a gallon of juice and Kangen water. You will alternate between the apple juice and Kangen water every half an hour. SWISH the juice in your mouth to act as a chewing action and provide the needed saliva for proper digestion. Do not eat anything all day, unless you are very hungry towards the end of the day , then you may eat apples or carrots or the appropriate corresponding vegetable or fruit that you are using for juice. Take 1 or 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil three times a day, to help in lubricating the bile and liver ducts.

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