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Make Your Anti-Aging Dreams Come True

Posted by Bonnie Seltzer on 10/14/2015
Make Your Anti-Aging Dreams Come True

Make Your Anti-Aging Dreams Come True
Understand the Importance of:

Supporting the Length of Your Telomeres and the Increased Population of Your Adult Stem Cells


Find Out About the Breakthrough Part SE3 Plays toward Enhancing the Relationship between These Functions

… And How this Amazing Combination Will Give You the Winning Edge

The Oceans Create What Some Call The World’s Healthiest Food

Posted by Administrator on 5/17/2015
The secret to evading cancer may live in the sea. The cancer-fighting solution I’m going to tell you about today – perhaps the healthiest food in the world – could save your life. Plus, it’s not an exotic, expensive supplement. It’s cheap! Yet few people know about it. Here’s the story. . . If your visits to the beach leave you thinking there’s too much seaweed in the ocean … it’s time to reconsider this plant’s awesome but hidden benefits. Seaweed is a very broad term used to describe many varieties of marine plants and algae. Kelp (one of the largest types of seaweed and well-known among health fanatics) is actually a type of multicellular algae. Like all algae, it feeds itself by photosynthesis, like a plant.

Consequences of Low Stomach Acid

Posted by Administrator on 5/17/2015
Low stomach acid is the cause of bacterial overgrowth in the stomach. Adequate stomach acid production will not allow toxic bacteria to colonize our gastrointestinal tract. Many articles have been written about gastrointestinal bacterial overgrowth due to the use of antacid drugs. Bacterial overgrowth is common in many gastrointestinal disorders including Irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and Ulcerative Colitis.

Herbal Insights Cayenne & Garlic

Posted by Administrator on 2/19/2014
Herbal Insights
Cayenne & Garlic

Originating from Central and South America, cayenne is a bright red pepper that is actually classified as a fruit. Cayenne, derived from chili peppers, comes in a range of flavors and heat. Its multiple therapeutic properties have been used for medicinal purposes for at least 9,000 years.
Capsaicin, the compound that gives cayenne its kick, stimulates digestion, boosts metabolism, eases pain, clears congestion, and, when used topically in a cream, treats arthritis. In addition, it’s packed with antioxidants, containing one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C per weight of ant food.
The latest research on capsaicin highlights its capacity to aid in weight loss. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition associated capsaicin with abdominal fat loss, and other studies suggest it may help suppress appetite. For a tasty, detoxifying drink, try mixing hot water with lemon juice, maple syrup, and a dash of cayenne.

Garlic-Allium Sativum

Native to Central Asia, garlic has been used for centuries as a food and as a medicine to treat cold, Sore throats, lung ailments, and intestinal parasites. A member of the allium family –a group that includes onions, shallots, leek, and chives- garlic contains some protein , calcium ,potassium ,phosphorous, and vitamin B and C. Garlic takes charge of the immune system ,fights infection, and can lower blood pressure.
Cooking and storing lessen garlic’s potency, so far best medicinal effect, eat garlic Raw as soon as possible after it has been crushed or chopped.


 The broth will be made with root vegetables like rutabaga, parsnip, turnip ,carrots, onions, garlic, seaweed, Himalayan sea salt, burdock root, milk thistle seeds, and other herbs for the lymphatic system.
The water is 9.5 ph with fresh squeeze lemon ,raw agave and a dash of cayenne.

12 bottles of 16oz of Broths and 12 bottles of Alkaline water.
3 Days for $150
5 Days for $225


Posted by Administrator on 2/11/2014
       This is one of the most important parts of getting well. If you don’t stop putting Trans Fats (“Plastic Fats”) into your body, you will never get well! Food suppliers recognized that the major loss of profits was from spoilage. In order to stop spoilage and increase their profits, they did two things.
 1. They added chemicals to food to keep it from spoiling. These chemicals not only preserve food, they preserve the person who eats them.
2. They began to cook the fats in the food. Cooking fats at 350-380 degrees for 5-6 hours changes the fats into something that is one carbon atom away from plastic. You can tell if this is what you are eating if the label says, “Partially Hydrogenated “.

 These partially hydrogenated fats are called “Trans Fats”. When a cell in your body is worn out, it makes a new one. It looks around to see what building materials you have provided to make a new cell. If all you have given your body is plastic fat, it makes a new cell out of plastic. Remember that the cell membrane that surrounds every cell is made of fat. If you make that out of plastic, the cell doesn’t work very well. It is like wrapping all your cells in cellophane.
 The cell sends a message to your brain that it is hungry. Your body sends the cell some glucose and insulin. However, the glucose can’t get through the “cellophane” and the cell keeps complaining that it is hungry. The body keeps sending more insulin and glucose. Much of it gets put into fat cells. Your cells keep complaining that they are hungry. Your brain keeps you eating to try to solve the hunger, but not much gets through the cellophane to the cells. Soon you are obese and your pancreas is worn out from making so much insulin. With all that glucose in your blood stream and your urine, you are diagnosed with Type II diabetes.
 Drugs lower the levels of sugar in your blood, but your cells are still coping with being made of plastic. Soon they begin to wear out and you get symptoms of worn out cells. (Examples: heart attacks, strokes, liver failure, kidney failure, blindness, chronic fatigue, etc.).
 Consumption of hydrogenated fats is associated with a host of other diseases, not only cancer but also atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, immune system dysfunction, low birth weight babies and birth defects, sterility, difficulty in lactation, and problems with bones and tendons. Yet, hydrogenated fats continue to be promoted as health foods.
 Margarine’s popularity represents a triumph of advertising over common sense. Your best defense is to avoid it like plague. Use organic butter instead.
 If you to discover your overall heath ,take the BioEnergetic Assessment test and eliminate future health problems.

Yaffa Regev
 Nutritionist& Herbalist

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